What are the resins that really require UV CURING?

I was looking at the resins list on formlabs.com and realized that not allcthe resins require UV curing!?
What are the resins that really need UV CURING beside the castable one?

Thank you!


The standard resins (white, grey, black, clear) do not.

Any of the engineering resins benefit from a post cure (durable, tough, etc.)

All resins including the Standard Resins will benefit from UV curing but it’s especially important for our more functional materials. Parts come out of the printer in a ‘green’ state where most but not all of the photo-polymerization reactions have occurred. Post-curing completes these unfinished reactions.

For many of our materials, this yields an improvement in mechanical properties and is required for bio-compatibility in things like DentalSG and Dental LT Clear. For Standard Resins, there is still an improvement in mechanical properties but it doesn’t often make a difference for the user because we most often see Standard Resin being used for aesthetic rather than functional applications.