Is it impossible to cast recessed text?

I’ve been trying for almost 6 month to cast recessed text on 2 different models. I’ve reduced the depth of the letter to .3mm and still had issues with casting. The body of the item usually comes out ok but the letters seem to break off the investment because, while they are still there, there is barely any depth to them and the inside is very rough. It’s getting to the point that I may just leave the letter rough inside and do a black infill on them.

I’ve linked an image to show you what I’m talking about. Any help from anyone in the community would be so appreciated. This particular piece has a lot of sentiment to it and would really like to see it finished.

Proposal location? I can’t be the only one who punched in the coordinates! =P

Fingers crossed someone has an answer for you, lots of sharp minds in this group.

Personally I think the contrast of the infilled letters would look very nice, if you think you can accomplish that effect I say go for it!

It’s actually the location that we got married and the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington. I agree that the infill would look great but at this point I can’t get a cast with all of the letters clear to do the infill. Even if the inside is rough I just need some depth to them.

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