Is IPA harmful to plastics?

I’m a bit paranoid and want to be absolutely sure that IPA is safe with plastic.

My form finish kit is a bit worn and was thinking of replacing the buckets with plastic containers found at Home Depot.

Most mixing bowls and tupperware type containers are fine with IPA as they are the same type of plastic as the wash tanks.

The most common “commodity” plastics, PE and PP, should be completely safe, they are generally very chemical resistant. Most plastic buckets will be made of these materials - the finish kit buckets are. ABS, which is also quite common, should be safe too, when using IPA.

With acetone, you will eat away ABS, however. Acrylic (the material of the Form 2 hood, and the resin trays) will crack when exposed to IPA.

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As @P3D wrote : all commonly available plastics are safe with IPA, with the exception of PMMA and flexible PVC. BY commonly available I mean even to the industry. You’d have to use some pretty specialised / unusual plastics to have an issue with IPA.

To be noted that sometimes “acrylic glass” is being sold under that denomination but isn’t made out of PMMA but out of PC which is fine with IPA too.

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Before we got a Form Wash we used 1 gallon steel paint cans (you can buy empty ones on Amazon). They seal nicely and are not affected by IPA. We had an occasional print that was too big for the can. Also, it is best to punch a small hole or two in the depressed area in the can where the lid fits into and seals. This allows any IPA that gets into that area to drain back into the can so that when you push or mallet the lid back on, the IPA does not restrict the lid from sealing and the lid does not force the IPA that is in the groove to come out (usually in places you do not want it to). Hope that explanation of the hole(s) makes sense…?

This is great! Thanks for the feedback everyone!