New Finish Bucket?

Does anyone know where I can purchase new finish buckets? I don’t need the whole kit, just the buckets. I see Formlabs sells the finish kit, but I don’t want to spend $100 when all I need is the buckets

We use 1 gallon empty paint cans. These can be purchased form Amazon or Graingers. Much nicer than the containers supplied with the printer. You can put your print in the can, mallet down the lid and agitate w/o worrying about any IPA sloshing out of the can. The IPA does not affect the can in any negative way.

Oh, that is an interesting solution - thank you for sharing! Do you use the perforated plastic dip platform in the paint cans? Or do you have another way of getting the parts out after they’ve gone through the bath?

You can usually find similar sized kitchen containers. Lock and lock has some good containers but you can’t use the formlabs lid.

Great, I will check them out - thank you!

We simply pull the parts out with a gloved hand, we do not use a basket or other item to hold the parts while they are in the can.