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Hi Colus, nice to hear from another San Diegan!   Perhaps we should have co-op’d a machine to share the cost!  hehe  Take care!


Hello Fellow Form Fan Forum Friends,

I’m Craig, an engineer at Formlabs. Over the past year or so, I’ve spent a lot of time fine tuning the printer design, calibration, and assembly process, so it’s great to see all the amazing parts being printed now.

In the past, I’ve tinkered with some low-cost FDM machines, but now that I have access to a Form 1, the FDM machine is collecting dust in the corner. I’ve also printed parts using high-end FDM machines, but working through an intermediary technician has always delayed my design process.

I look forward to seeing all the cool prints, tips, and tricks that users and Formlings alike post here.

Form On!


New to 3d printing, and trying to convince dear wife that I NEED a Form1.

BA in studio art, metal/jewelry design, but been a Civil Engineering tech for the last 20+.  Currently working at MicroTrainsLine (N & Z gauge model railroads) in their decorating dept as their resident “weathering guy”.  Been into plastic models for over 40yrs & RC for 15.  Currently transitioning from Adsk Civil 3d to Solidworks & Inventor.  Would like to use the Form1 to prototype new car designs & other fun stuff in the hobby industry.

Live in Medford OR & play bagpipes for relaxation.



Just ordered a Form 1 after spending the last month comparing desktop systems and having some test prints done by several commercial vendors.   In the end, we decided the Form 1 offered the best compromise on quality and cost of operation.

I am a Professor of Radiology (Nuclear Medicine Physics) and Electrical Engineering and will be using the printer for both University projects (e.g, jigs for fine positioning scintillation crystals on photosensors and other detector mounting systems) and for an outside project for prototyping structures for a non-imaiging related application.   So, my focus is on bits and pieces in support of various hardware projects for applications in medical imaging and a yet, undisclosed, outside project.

I live outside of Seattle Washington (Port Ludlow).  I see that Reid plays the bagpipes.  My daughter plays the Highland Great Pipes and I play the Uillean pipes.  The whole family spends the rest of our “free” time breeding and showing Great Danes ( :slight_smile:

Tom Lewellen


I am a recently retired member of the Canadian Army living near Edmonton, AB, and I used part of my severance pay to order a Form1. I will be using the printer to get into printing terrain pieces and other 6mm scale models for table top gaming (Battletech etc) as a hobby/home business. I have been using 3D Studio for about 13 years since high school and that’s the software I am using for modelling.

Looking forward to some custom projects “for me” as well, maybe a working airsoft Mass Effect 3 Avenger rifle, and some toys for my nephew.



Wow, very interesting group here.

As for me, I like to create short animated films and webcomics. A couple of years ago my partner Alisa and I made a film based on my webcomic Brudders called ‘Happy Box’. The characters had a nice ‘sculpey’ quality to them and at the time I thought it would be really cool to have 3D prints made of them. Here’s what the renders looked looked like:

Along the way, we became aware that high-quality 3D printing was about to become somewhat affordable to indie artists like us, and when the Form 1 Kickstarter was announced, I jumped in line. I can’t wait to see how our characters look with the Form 1. Naturally, we have a hundred other ideas for our printer when it gets here.

If you’re curious about our other art projects, please visit our website and our blog Thanks!


Brudders - Episode 61 ‘I Wite The Songs’ now at

Artist/Partner | Little Green Dog |
Demo Reel: