Internal lighting

Idea for the next gen hardware:

Add two strips of (UV filtered) white LEDs on the sides perpendicular to peel and hinge sides, shining light into the VAT during a print or on-demand. It’d help immensely in judging whether a print has started successfully and if there’s anything sticking to the platform without having to wait for the platform to rise or catching glimpses of the supports lit by the laser.

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They would most likely have to be orange LEDs as the standard white LEDs might start to harden the supports and excess liquid resin on the build making it harder to clean off. Just a thought. You try it and let us know how it works. [grin]

  • Walt

Qoth myself:

Although, yes, orange or amber LEDs would work just as well. In fact, pretty much any color except blues, violets and whites (which are actually blue or violet with a phosphorous coating) would work without a filter.

Just thought, the LED flood light I have in the ceiling fixture directly above where my Form 1+ is to sit might be an issue. :flushed: As I’m limited in space I’ll see about getting a sheet of orange colored plexiglas (similar) at the plastics supply house I use and make a shield over the machine. Really no place else to put the machine, I have 25 lbs of crap in a 5 lbs sack! :smile:


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