Internal light project idea. Fly or Die?


I started tinkering an internal light for the printer and then I thought that maybe other people might be interested on it as well.

Before I continue development of a self-installation kit, I wanted to check whether you see potential on this as a commercial project or not.

The printer looks beautiful! I have it next to my computer and works great as a desk lamp! :smile:

At the moment I’m using a very nice COB Led that gives much better light than an LED strip. (There is only 1 functioning on the picture so it will look much better when I get both sides lit). I have been testing all day with a swab impregnated in resin and the light doesn’t seem to have any effect on the resin.

The kit I’m thinking would be fixed with magnets on the inner side of the spine of the printer and have a flat cable that goes to a small switch box on the side of the printer (also fixed with magnets). This switch box would have a female plug to connect a 12v power adapter (that would also come with the kit).

I’m also thinking to create an additional light inside the main housing of the printer to retro lit the mirror. This would be most useful to routinely inspect the mirror and also useful when cleaning it. This bottom light would also be very useful when printing with clear resin since you would be able to see what’s going on with the printing layer.

So… what do you say? Fly or Die?

Do you see/have a need for an internal light on the printer?

How much do you think a self installation kit would be worth? (no tools required, everything will be fixed with magnets)

Thanks for your feedback!


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The light on top looks nice. But if it was underneath the tank I think it would still look nice and be very useful for checking on prints. Will your light fit to give it a try?

Hello Josh,

I agree that the light below the tank would also be great, but I guess only useful when using clear resin. Other than that, it would be very useful for checking the mirror.

The light on the column as I have it now, also helps quite a lot to inspect the vat of Clear resin. The current light fists, but I’m leaving to China tomorrow morning and don’t have time to give it a try at the moment!


Having a light is a good idea, and your design is clever, but my only worry is how this could negatively affect the resin. I’m sure you did your homework on it, and it’s primary frequency is not close to the 405nm wavelength, but still, are you poistive there is not a certain amount of output in that range? This could prematurely age the resin.


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