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This older post was closed out, but I was hoping for more of a resolution. I have recently been overlapping my rafts in order to increase packing density and also improve build success rates. I have had multiple rafts come off of the build platform during the first 20-30 layers on smaller parts, but when i put them together to form one large raft, there are no build failures. My concern is that it is dual curing the overlapping region and therefore leading to premature resin tank clouding (and wasting a small amount of time). If it is not dual curing the overlapping region, let me know and my request is void.

If it currently double cures the overlapping area, may I suggest that Formlabs changes this. I have seen previous requests for features such as “part grouping” which would allow me to generate supports on a give part, copy it, place them close together, select all and hit “group parts” then the rafts are regenerated and integrated into each other.

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Did some more digging and stumbled upon another older thread where BenFrantzDale says “Those overlaps will be drawin twice but in my experience it is not a problem. You will get a little resin savings.”

So it is confirmed that it will print that area twice. It would be a small improvement in resin tank longevity if it did not print that area twice.

Thanks for the suggestion! You are correct that overlapping rafts are currently being drawn twice. Having a function that combines overlapping rafts together could slightly improve print times and it’s something we’re looking into.