Connect rafts together in PreForm

If I’m printing an array of lots of small parts, is there a way in Preform to connect the rafts together? This makes removing from the build plate, washing, and curing less work.

Yes, you have to specify a negative distance between the parts, then the rafts will overlap.

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I just move them until they overlap to my satisfaction.

I think the question was about the built-in array functions, where PreForm automatically places the parts.

You may be right.

Sorry for the delayed response, but yes this is exactly what I wanted thank you!

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I’m reviving this thread since I’ve just noticed this option to overlap parts and wanted to know more about its behavior in PF 3.12.1. In older posts from 2017, people said that overlapping regions would get double exposure (or in the case of the rafts, double-double exposure), which I don’t want.

Is the “Overlap Rafts” basically the same thing as manually overlapping or using the Array feature with a negative spacing? And is it still going to double expose everything?

My belief is that “Overlap Rafts” identifies the intersections and only exposes them 1x like they should. In the “old days” when you overlapped parts the printer simply printed that region 2x. This resulted in over-curing of the resin, which usually made it really hard to scrape/chip off the build plate.

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