In need of some simple parts printed in RIGID MATERIAL

Hello. I am in need of prototyping some parts. I have printed these parts in Black Standard, Tough, and Durable, and they print just fine. I went to order some RIGID RESIN but it appears that FORMLABS is out of stock until May…

So i figured I would ask and see if anyone would be willing to print them for me at a fair price and have them shipped to me.
I live in Sacramento, CA. So if you are local that would be awesome. If not we can flat rate this package for $10.

Here are the specs…

There are a total of 8 parts

Printed in RIGID MATERIAL @.1mm Resolution (fastest print)

I have used .5 Density an .40mm on Size and have had no problems

I will Trim support material.
Obviously where the supports touch the parts there is a slight deformation but that is to be expected…

*** Please post process to your best ability for what you have found to work best for rigid material. I typically wash my parts with IPA and set in front of a UV LAMP to help cure. Nothing crazy.

Below is an attached screenshot of the .form file that I used to produce the parts in TOUGH… I am sure it wont be far off from from RIGID to help quote this little project.

Please let me know if you are interested with a price in mind and I would be happy to send you the TOUGH .form file to be printed with RIGID and paypal some money your way.

Again I live in Sacramento, CA so if you are local that would be awesome!!

Thank you!

Brian Lee

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