Improved Eiffel Tower


Well, go figure, the spam surfaced this amazing model. I think I might have a go at printing this on the Form 3!


In that case, here’s a gift for you:

Eiffel Tower Remix (v2)

I finally got around to implementing @BenFrantzDale’s suggestion to remove all but the perimeter on one of the mating faces, to achieve a cleaner fit. Also added a version that hollows out the lower two platforms, reducing resin required by about 15%. I’d use the hollow one for opaque resins like Black. If you’re printing in Clear or people are going to inspect the model up close and peer in from below, stick with the solid one.

The STL’s are also oriented correctly now when you bring them into Preform.

I haven’t tried a print of the new versions yet, but plan to soon - let me know how yours goes!

A reminder, if you print the two halves separately (e.g. to replace a broken piece), be sure to apply a consistent scaling factor.


Many thanks for the updated model! Here it is printed on the Form 3. There was a very small amount of distortion on
“X” braces near the build plate on the upper portion. I printed directly on the build plate, no support, 100 um. It was pretty hard to get off the plate :slight_smile: But some warm water helped. The registration holes had to be drilled out some. All in all, a great outcome. It required two runs through the wash. I think nigh near impossible to paint though, wish I had some black resin!