First Second and Third Print

Just wanted to share some pictures from my first few prints from my Form 1 the PerfectTapir.  I am very experienced in FDM and have a few printrbots laying around and wanted to immediately test the limits of the form 1.  To do this I downloaded a model of the Eiffel Tower and printed it with default supports at 100 micron resolution using the grey material setting at the suggestion of another user on the forum.  After cleaning the model in IPA it was very difficult to remove the support structures and and I ended up having to rip or cut most of them off causing slight damage to the base of the model.  After that I decided to print a very small yoda bust at 50 microns using the grey profile, it turned out very well as you can see next to the Eiffel Tower.  Last night I wanted to see if the Eiffel Tower would print without any support so I ran it overnight at 50 microns grey resin profile.  The picture you can see it was not quite done but looked great.  The Form 1 is awesome, for being first prints right out of the box I am super impressed.

Justin thank you for posting the pictures of your results.  Very interesting the see the tower build without supports like that.  I have one question for you.

What is the noise like from the form1 while it is printing??  I plan on running my machine in the room adjacent  to where I sleep.  I hear the form1 is quiet so would value your comment.


The form 1 is wisper quiet. It only makes what would be moderate clicking noise in the start-up and shutdown sequence, but I doubt you would hear that through the wall.

Also I thought the grey resin setting was only recommended for the 25 micron setting.  I’ve used clear setting at 50 microns with no print issues.

I’ve gotten some slightly better results at 50 microns on 1 print using the grey material setting. It wasn’t necessary on others.

I don’t think the noise would be an issue either. It’s a mild whirring/clicking noise every few seconds (depending on the layer). It also throws off a little light from the screen and the laser.

Thanks for that useful information.  I don’t think the light will be a problem as I can pull the door too.


I held my iphone5 up to the form for this video, you can tell even being that close it’s not very loud.


is this the Eiffel Tower from Thinguniverse?

Would you mind posting the form file?

Also you did not comment again once the print finished without any support material if it came off the build platform correctly and what your thoughts were on the quality after cleaning. This would help a lot.


The Reasons I am asking is when I import the model from thinguniverse into Preform it has a TON of red even with supports. Does not give me a bunch of confidence.

Hi Rj,

Yes that is the file from thingiverse.  There is a lot of red saying it would be unsupported but I printed it anyway and it worked well.  The only thing is removing it from the build platform was difficult and the base of the structure is thin and it ended up chipping a bit.  Other than that it should print as you downloaded it from thingiverse.  After the build with no supports there was no further processing besides the 10 minute IPA bath.  Good Luck!