Idea for new Supports paradigm

If SLA resin is exposed to less than the recommended UV, what happens? If it becomes a gel, could it be possible to modulate the laser specifically to encase the solid print in an envelope of gel which would take the place of support structures? The gel would wash off in the IPA bath, leaving the print with no support marks. I have no idea how wasteful or slow this would be compared to traditional supports, but it seems to make increasing sense when the prints are smaller, and happily this also implies the smaller potential for waste. If no current resin behaves this way, maybe it’s worthy research goal?

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How would the semi-cured resin survive the peel? And how would it hold the printed object layers during peel without them ripping off/out, or at the very least wobbling a lot?

Maybe this could work if we had very small solid support points to hold the part surrounded by lightly cured resin that would stabilize the small rigid support.