I need to Scale Up/Down a Supported Form File

I would like to be able to scale up a supported .Form file after I have created it.

Each time I build a set of parts for a kit, I then offer it for sale in its original form, but very often customers are requesting the same design but at a different scale. This is about 30-40% of my business. The scale varies from 65% of the original size to 150% of the original size. If I could scale the .form file, then I would save myself hours of time with each new project. As it is now I have no choice but to scale up the STL files and then re-support the entire project.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Alternatively, if I could simply output the supported form file into an STL then I could reimport that and then just scale it. I know that is unlikely to happen, but I know the fist one would solve my problem.

Have you tried the ‘Size’ tool:

I’ve used this in the past for printing casting patterns that need to be scaled up to allow for shrinkage.

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As mrwakefield says, PreForm allows you to scale.

PreForm is pretty good about keeping track of scale parameters. For example, if I import an .stl, scale it to 120%, then save the .form file, the next time I load that form file it will be pretty much in exactly the same state as when I saved the file. i.e. the object will be scaled to 120% original import size.

So if you were so inclined, you could save .form files that are pre-scaled to all the standard print sizes you need.

This is what we have been doing with prototypes and proof of concepts for some customer prints before heading to production.

After using calipers to measure dimensions, the print that I made Friday came out with 3% or so of original specifications, but that may have been from some aggressive post production with gradual sanding up to 2000 grit.

Overall, pretty impressed with the auto scale.