Be able to scale Part WITH Supports in tact

While investigating the lower end of practical tolerances for printing mechanical stuff, I am finding that it would be highly useful to be able to scale a part (e.g. an individual imported STL file) WITHOUT losing its supports.

Though I’m doing more auto-support generation, even that requires some manual editing. So when I run a print a find out that it is too small (or too big), and I want to adjust the size and reprint, the cost of doing that is redoing all supports for me part. That’s a somewhat time expensive decision, but more importantly, if I’ve got my supports really dialed in, there is no way other than eye-balling the before/after pics to redo the supports the way I want them after the scale.

Being able to scale the entire part (including supports) would save hours of time in the end.

I suspect/realize that this may mean scaling up supports in non-standard ways. Not sure how easy that would be to implement, but I would be happy to take the extra cost in resin for the saved time to help me find the right scale in terms of print viability and scale preferences.


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