I,m in the USA, why is the Formlabs website loading up in French

I’ve been going on the FL web site over the last few weeks, today the website always opens up the french version. I saw the option on a page to switch languages, but after pressing that and going to another page It goes right back to the french version… Checked my Chrome settings still set to English.


At the lower left of most FL webpages there is a button to change your desired language. Mine mysteriously got set to German six weeks ago.

Clearing cookies should correct this for you and let me know if the website is still loading in French after attempting that. If you navigate to the site through a French link, it can sometimes modify your cookies assignment and cause this.

Thanks, Paul, Frew
that selector on the bottom page corected it I think.

Also had the language changed at the bottom left of the home page. Clearing cookies didn’t fix the issue.

Me too when I used a VPN server that was located in the US. So it’s most likely not a cookie related thing…

Same thing happened to me about a week ago. When I would use Chrome browser it would send me to the french version of the website. If I used another browser like Edge it would send me to the US/English version. In order for me to fix it in Chrome I had to go into Chrome settings, Advanced, Reset all settings. Sucked because it blew out all my installed extensions, settings home page etc. But it fixed the problem.