How will high room temperature affect Form 1?

I was thinking of setting up the Form 1 in our garage but here in Los Angeles we’ve been going through this horrible heatwave and now I’m wondering if that’s going to be such a good idea.

My plan was to prepare my print data on a workstation in the home studio and transfer the data to a small laptop connected to the Form 1 in the garage for printing. I don’t plan to be in the garage very much while it’s printing, so this isn’t a personal health concern. My concern is that the garage does not have air conditioning and I’m not sure how the summer heat will affect the resin and/or the operation/performance of the Form 1 itself. I imagine it might cause the alcohol to evaporate quicker.

Thanks in advance for any info, ideas and opinions.

I’ll probably wind up keeping the printer in the home studio, at least during the summer, but our indoor workspace is really small and I’m not sure where I can put the device yet. But that’s a whole other problem. :slight_smile:


I’m curious about this too. Hot in Santa Barbara also

Changes in temperature will affect the viscosity of the resin, which will have an influence on performance. We haven’t done systematic studies, yet, but we suggest an operating temperature between 64 - 82F. I would certainly recommend keeping your Form 1 in a climate-controlled space. At the end of the day, it’s a sensitive tool. We have more complete technical guidelines here: