How to start up with 3dprinting

hey all
i currently study biomedical informatics and from the moment i heard about 3d printing i was really curious on its medical uses,i just wanted to know how could i start learning this kind of programming-engineering(programes-tutorials-books)and move to more complicated aspects of it…i would be grateful to any help


There are dozens of programs to create 3d models, some free, the better ones are quite expensive though. If you are a biomedical type then there is software that can turn mri files into printable models as well.

well i would say ,i wanted to start from something easy enough to learn then go to something more complicated,i ciould try some free software first,is matlab legit too?

Autodesk do a range of free software, I think modo is free as well.

I’m not familiar with matlab as a 3d modeling tool, I thought it was more about data analysis.

ok ty very much,i’ll try these