I am looking into possibly purchasing a 3D printer from Formlab for my business. I use CorelDraw for designing right now in my shop. I am wondering how hard the 3D software is to learn? Is it fairly straight forward, or is there a lot to learn to use it? I am limited for time right now with the business, but would like to learn, just don’t have a lot of spare time.

This completely depends on what kind of 3D modeling you plan on doing.

If you don’t have any experience in CAD it can take a bit to get going. A sculpting environment also can have a pretty steep learning curve.

Fusion 360 has a free trial (and is free for students and small businesses). It’s probably a good place to start to see how things work. Lots of tutorials out there.

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You can get great tutorials on Lynda or similar sites that will help you a lot. I’ve learned from them and in 8 hours you will know quite a lot and you will be able to do basic stuff and some advanced modelling as well.