[Research] 3D Printing

I am a Cornell Engineering Student. I am researching in 3D Printing and trying to gather some data for it. I have generalized some questions for people which I feel I can ask and maybe some of those who have not preferred having a private chat can
help me answer the questions.

The questions are below:

  • Why did you buy a 3D printer (if you have one)? Is it for fun or for work?
  • What do you use it to print?
  • What problems do you find with 3D printers or 3D printing today?
  • What is the ONE thing that you wish you have or could do differently when 3D printing?

Thank you!

  1. Fun
  2. Whatever I feel motivated enough to print
  3. Prints that fail
  4. Metal
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  1. Fun and Work
  2. Anything I want to.
  3. Print in metal.
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1: For work
2: Master patterns for mold making and prototyping
3: Speed
4: More durable materials


2-dental prothesis
4-print metal

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  1. Both
  2. Everything - client items, household repairs, tests/prototypes, toys & models
  3. Slow speed, still too much tweaking needed
  4. Combo laser-etch/extruder in one head so no switching needed except in software