How to clean the large mirror from what is not dust?

I’ve a Form1+ and until now I used compressed air to clean the large mirror under the resin tank.
Today, I had another failure in a print and, checking the mirror with the light I saw a stain.
I post the photo of the mirror with light, for allow you to see how it appears.

(I think is the oil from the compressed air )
How can I remove it?
The air is not enough…
I have to use a cloth for glasses?

thanks in advance for the answers

Contact support for non dust related mirror cleaning. These mirrors are super sensitive and you got to be very careful when cleaning them.

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Yep, what @Pedram_Karimfazli said. Our mirrors do not have a protective coating over their reflective surface, so require extraordinary care. Do get in touch with our support team, at Great job getting a clear photo of your mirror!

Canned air is not strong enough to blow off all of the dust particles. there is no way to hold the can vertical and get the straw close enough to the mirror to move large particles. does anybody use an airbrush gun? what about a keyboard vaccuum to suck up particles that get blown off the mirror? any suggestions would be great. thanks

heres what my mirror looks like after using 2 cans of air to spray it off. it seems impossible to get the mirror perfectly clean.



If you send an e-mail to formlabs they will show you how to clean the mirror :wink: