How to clean resin tray?

I just received my grey resin.  I have ordered a second resin tray but just ordered it today.  Is it possible to sufficiently clean my current resin tray (has clear in it), if so how?

It’s possible, but it’s recommended to just use another tray.

What I did is to tilt the tray and get all the resin out that I could that way, and then use the scraper to gently push the remainder of the resin out. Then use some warm water to wash the rest of the resin out. Don’t use alcohol. Air dry, or use a microfiber cloth to dry.

@Chris Marsh

Check over their help articles on how to maintenance your Form 1, it’s got some good stuff like:

The landing page is:

But is the resin water soluble?

@mongerdesigns let’s say hypothetically that I’ve already used alcohol to clean the print tray. Did I ruin it errrrr? Hypothetically.