How to avoid parts bending and holes shrinking?


I’m printing long parts like knife handles in order to make functional prototypes. I use Form 2, FormWash, FormCure, Black or Grey resin, 0,05mm precision.

The main problem I have is bending. I read some topics about bending on the forum. It seems that it is better to put parts near vertical (?), to keep supports until the end of curing, to apply curing, to avoid long washs in IPA… I also read that parts could be putted in hot water and layed on vertical table afterward.

Is there other suggestions ? I’m using black resin but I could also be using transparent one and painting after.

Another problem I have is holes shrinkage. Holes are always something like 0,3mm thinner than the design. Round holes can always be drilled afterward but it is a bit more painfull for squares ones ( let’s find a square holes drill :slight_smile: ). I tried to put parts longuer in the formwah because I suspected it was due to the resine lefts but it does not change it really.

Do you have some ideas for these topics ?


Your wish…

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AvE has a great explanation on broaching in his most serious video ever.

Actually that’s the correct/reasonable way to do it but your video is definitely interesting :stuck_out_tongue:


Print the part at an angle which should give good results, and then don’t remove the supports until after it’s cured. Also, don’t use hot water, the heat will warp it, what I do is after soaking and rinsing in IPA for 10 minutes, I rinse it off in room-temp water and then put it in a container of room-temp water for about 5-10 minutes in the curing box. After that, dry it off with a paper towel and put back in the curing box to finish up. I printed some <1mm stuff without warping.


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