How small can you go.... Here's an example

I manufacture scale model pieces and kits. Had a request for our Cigar Store Indian that we offer in HO, S and O scales… 1:87, 1:64 and 1:48 ratios. N scale is 1:160 ratio Here’s a photo of what I printed on my Form2 with ALW’s Gray resin.



Walt…so its half inch? at what printing precision? .5 or .25?


Les, .1 mm I run everything at that setting. Each step you go thinner you double the time and I don’t seen any improvement in quality.

Yeah that is what I have seen too, is ALW a third party resin?

Apply Lab Works is the name of the company. You can do a search on that name to find their website.
For me just using one color and type of resin in two machines is the best approach. As it’s going I could use a third machine. Love to be able to install a CUBE but I don’t have the room and at 76 not too sure how much longer I’ll be at it. :rofl:


‘Z’ scale is next! 1:220 as I recall. It would make an interesting test if nothing else.

I have a hard enough time with N scale. The wife, who packs a lot of these parts for me, refuses to work with the N scale parts. I have to do those. Just shipped 5,400 HO Scale Beer Bottles. The are on frames of 10 bottles per strip and 5 strips to a frame.
I’ve done a few more N scale prints:



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Z-scale 1924 Ford truck, This was printed with Formlabs grey V3, I wouldn’t even attempt it with V4:

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Nice. The ALW Grey I use is the same as FL V3, use those settings. Don’t have any Z scale customers. And by the looks of it I only have on N scale customer right now anyway.

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CU Boulder Engineers 3D Prints Tiny Material That Could Save Lives

This is fascinating.

Nice models, how does the ALW gray compare to their black resin? Black offer more detail?

Thanks for the compliment.

I’ve only used the Gray as I don’t want to be mixing colors. I do production of products for sale and consistency in color and quality is what sells.

I have a bottle of ALW Flexible Metallic that I started to use but the resin is like maple syrup and the configuration of settings was too far from what I currently use that I poured it back in the bottle and it sits on the shelf.