How many FEATURE REQUESTS are implemented?

Looking through the feature requests I see mostly good ideas - I ALSO see a bunch of much NEEDED requests.

However it looks like the number of requests that Formlabs take onboard is VERY low. There are requests to fix major long outstanding issues through to simpler quality of life improvements.

My background is game development. I`ve done game mechanics through to user interfaces. Assuming the Formlabs code is in reasonable condition, MOST of the user submitted requests should be simple to implement. If these requests are difficult to implement then god help us and formlabs.

An example would be a power off button for Form 3. This is an important quality of life improvement that all customers would get a use out of. Not having an OFF button makes a mockery of Formlabs green credentials. Power off has been requested since early release as far as I can see. If there is a hardware reason for not doing it then a sleep mode or monitor off has also been suggested.

Maybe a formlabs person could take 10 popular ideas that are achievable and put them to a vote to prioritize - Let us know our time isn`t wasted giving requests.

Just an idea.

I agree with the last sentence, but with regard to an off switch you are right that it would be nicer… but if you are plugged into a power-board isn’t turning that switch off easy enough?

I could set it up to be on a power outlet with a switch. Im not 100% sure but I feel bad pulling the power on any computer without shutting down properly first. What Id say is we get power switches on $300 resin printers.

The lack of a way to turn the machine off to me is indicative of a larger problem - that being how the Form3 was rushed to market.

The Form 2 doesn’t have a power off switch either…

So does that mean formlabs would they prefer their printers to be powered on all the time? Is that better for the printer?

Perhaps there is a technical reason for not having an off switch. Formlabs could communicate why pulling the plug from the wall is how they want their printer powered down.

Why make a recyclable resin or have ANY green policies if the product you make is not designed to be powered down easily when not in use?

off the top of my head, one would have the form plugged into a power surger protecter & need to power off the surge protector power switch? or simply unplug the power supply, a hassle, but an actual hardware off switch would require a little more engineering going into the frame. This goes for anything, a TV, a PC, a router, a tv cable box, microwave, etc… it’s either turn the power off in the room all together / turn off the surge protector, or unplug it when not in use. for now…

TLDR; an actual hardware off switch would take another form model, as long as electronics are plugged in , they are on unless unplugged or room powered off with a switch. Even when it is ‘off’ one can still unplug the power supply.