Developer Mode

I recently purchased a Form 2 and have been playing around with its capabilities. One thing I would like to see is the ability to unlock more fundamental controls of the printer, and or create independent control schemes. The closest thing the Form 2 has currently to this is “Open Mode” which allows to poor resin directly in to the tray to operate like a Form 1. Although this allows me to experiment with different pre-set resin controls loaded into the printer, it also disables many features of the printer such as the wiper, heater, and auto-dispenser. Also it does not allow the tweaking of features like laser curing parameters, layer separation control, heater temperature, etc.

I have several things I would like to try, but I am stuck thinking I should have purchased one of the chineese knock offs to do so.

I would like to be able to experiment with mixing certain additives into the resins, as well as cure time and layer separation controls on the printer itself. I think a “Developer” mode that unlocks these variables and allows users to program in custom printing profiles would be a great addition. I could envision a community of users crowd sourcing different printing profiles and sharing them across the community for specific ends.

The ability to rewrite the identification of resin cartridges, or perhaps the sale of a programmable or custom Identified resin cartridge would also be useful.

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There’s definitely many users who’d also like this mode. This thread covers the topic as well

Personally I have no interest in experimenting with the printer settings etc. but I can see why some users would. The thread you linked to was interesting and DLowe’s post seemed right on target IMO.

What surprises me is that with such a large users group (and growing daily), of like minded people, is that no one has “hacked” the machine to allow tweaking of various settings etc.

I would have no idea where to start or if it is even possible but, it seems like people that would be interested in such options would see it as a challenge and give it a try. Perhaps some have and just haven’t gotten anywhere with it or are keeping the hacks to themselves. Though I think the hacker personality type would not be able to sit on their accomplishment without “telling the world”.

Just my rambling thoughts…