How long to run Form Wash

I’m seeing conflicting advice on how long to run the Form Wash on a typical print. The product info page says 15 minutes in big letters. The Using Form Wash and Wash Time Settings pages, and the printed manual, say 10 minutes (for normal resins). The former also states that’s the default programmed time, but mine came from the factory set at 20 minutes.

I realize Formlabs will likely refine their advice as the product is used more and they collect more data from the field.

In the meantime, can I get an authoritative answer based on what we know today? (I’m thinking 10 minutes?)

Also I noticed the “impeller” drive sounds like it briefly spins down roughly every couple minutes. What’s happening when it does that - does it reverse direction?

I wash normal resins 10 min and tough 20 min

Yes the impeller reverses.

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