Hollow or solid prints?

I was under the impression that 3d printing software took a model and then printed it either as a solid or as a hollow model (I was assuming you could tell the software The thickness of the surface if you wanted a hollow print). It appears that you cannot do that and have to build your model with a wall thickness,  is this correct? (If so is going to cause me a lot of grief as some of my models are complex and big so solid is not a possibility and shell modifier in 3ds max can’t define the walls accurately enough. )

That’s only possible with FDM machines where you can choose were to extrude your filament.

Because of the vat, any hole would get filled with uncured resin. So the solution is to hollow your solid when you model it, and add a vent hole to allow air in the shell and drain most of the uncured resin.

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