Hollow Knight Print!

Hey all!

Here is a new print I made in tribute to Team Cherry’s game: Hollow Knight!


Very nice! Formlabs should feature this print.

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Hats off sir! What an impressive piece!

How many parts?

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These are the parts:

  • Head
  • Body
  • Arm R
  • Arm L
  • Sword
  • Leg R
  • Leg L
  • Shoulder R
  • Hip Bag
  • Hip Hook
  • Base
  • Each leafs (7 parts)
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This is so impressive!

You should COUGH COUGHrelease the STLs forCOUGH COUGH train people into multipart printing :smiley:

How much postprocessing is seen in the pictures? Sanding of support areas at least?

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Hehe, I can’t release the STL because the character is based on the intellectual property of a video game company :stuck_out_tongue:

The post-process is just a bit of sanding (no need to remove them 100% cause they make for a not bad surface detail actually), and the primer!

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U must provide a better excuse than IP for not releasing STLs… FOR FREE!


Yeah I dunno I just wouldn’t play with fire since it’s not my own IP.

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Really amazing work Marco! The amount of details in the sculpt is very impressive and the fact that the Form printer can output that much detail is also astonishing. Really glad I chose the Form2 over other 3D prints. Hats off on getting all the parts separated. It looks very well put together with no obnoxious seam lines. Great work!

Hey thanks!

They only line hard to hide was the left butt cheek but I could have found a way if I gave it a bit more time.

By the way I have found this setup preview I made for myself if people want to know.


And here’s a quick video!


@Marcologue, absolutely AMAZING work. Did you model the character as well? As said earlier, my hat’s off to you…this is gorgeous!!

Thanks! Yep I’m also the sculptor :slight_smile:

Again, very nice sculpt/print. Did you prime this with Tamiya Surface Primer?

Actually I did!