Holes on model surface

imageJust printed probably the best orthodontic study we have done so far. That’s is before removing the supports this revealed multiple small voids or holes perhaps 1-1.5 mm deep see picture. Any ideas.

@Twinblock, are you certain that the holes are only 1-1.5 mm deep? Often when we see this texture on the bottom of a part, the holes are actually going all the way through. This could be due to dust particles on the window below the tank.

Hi Arruso, I have looked at the window and cleaned it. The holes are only on the surface as we have trimmed the surface to level it, as on further inspection we notice what should be a perfectly flat surface was warped slightly. Will give it a go today and see what we get.

Thanks Twinblock

In this case, the holes could be caused by the supports detaching while the part is printing. Since you have a thick base on your model, you could try printing directly on the platform without supports.

If printing on the platform is not possible, you could try orienting your part diagonally, which would change the density and location of the supports. Our team wrote up a great tutorial to help with this!

Hi thanks do you have a link for that, also is there a manual online for the form2 printer.

To print directly on the build platform, orient your part so the flat base is facing the x-y plane in Preform. It will automatically contact the build platform if you don’t add supports.

We don’t actually have a manual for the Form2 since we are constantly updating our best practices! However, we do have a collection of support documents with the latest info here:


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