Hole in edges

Hello, I have a question, when I print a case, there are some hole like the picture.
Someone can help me for this problem ?

Is your resin clean? No leftovers from earlier prints?

Yes, it’s a new resin !

Are you using a Form 2 or Form 1/1+? Especially with the 1/1+, dust on the mirrors can create holes like this by obscuring laser in a specific spot. Otherwise, it’s possible that cured resin or other particulate in the tank is obscuring the laser. If that’s the case, here’s a link to our guide on resin filtration.

I have the Form2…

Are there any other vents at that layer in the print? If there is a full perimeter the motion of the build platform moving back into the resin can cause high enough pressure to blow out walls.

It appears you are printing this case in an FDM ideal orientation (flat face against platform), Angling the case will use more resin (especially on supports) but should yield better results and also avoid the potential problem above.

If the hole goes all the way through then it could be a piece of something on the glass or on the underside of the tray. When I first received the printer it had a particle that blocked the laser and so there was a small hole in prints.