High Temp and Silicone Vulcanizing


Does anyone had positive results making silicone molds with vulcanizing silicone where heat goes to 170 C?

I have made experiments with Castaldo and Nicem rubbers, but High Temp printed models stick to it like hell, i have used oil and teflon sprays, but no luck.

I have cured the printed parts well, with UV and heat - no problem in that. I know Formlabs have provided a White Paper where it stands out that High Temp sticks to most of the silicone rubber when vulcanizing, has anyone come over the issue?

I also know that there is possibility to use VLT rubber, but would be really happy if i could use “normal” silicone rubbers. Cheers!


Hi Estotim, I normally use the High Temp resin, and yes, I must use somethimg for separete the resin from the ruber, like everyone resin.


Hi, I tried many options and settled on this rubber (https://www.srs-ltd.co.uk/products/silicone-rubber). I only lightly powder the model with talcum powder before putting it in the rubber. For flat models, I would recommend CASTALDO white label (https://www.gesswein.com/p-781-castaldo-white-label-mold-rubber-strips-5lb.aspx). The model does not stick to this rubber at all, but it is problematic to pack it.