[HELP] Not stable. What's wrong with my printer?

Hey folks,

please help me, I’m wondering what’s wrong with my Form 2. There is a small hole in my knob print. I tried to print a few times with different rotation of the model. But always failed. The hole is filled by resin.

I’ve printed this object for almost 200 units. Since yesterday, I got failure of every printing. Any idea? Is there anything wrong with the Z rod?

Your optics need cleaning.

Hi Randy,

Thanks for you reply. Do you mean the transparent window under the tank?

At a minimum. But there are mirrors under that glass that can also need to be cleaned. But there is a special procedure and special materials that are required to avoid damage. Windex and paper towel will ruin the machine. There are instructions someplace in technical support I think…

Here’s step 1: https://support.formlabs.com/s/article/Cleaning-the-Glass-Optical-Window-Form2

For the mirror and galvos, reach out to Formlabs Support and they’ll send you the cleaning instructions. I think they avoid posting the docs publicly as they like to confirm cleaning is necessary before you proceed (cleaning too often or improperly can damage those sensitive parts, and it’s also possible sometimes there are other things going on).

Cleaning really does make a huge difference; take a look at my first picture here (and that’s one I caught pretty suddenly - when the contamination gets worse the effects can get dramatically worse than seen there).

Hi, thanks for your share. After cleaning the optical window, the printing result is same. Even purchased a new platform and resin tank. The hole is still blocked. For sure there was having dust on the window. I did clean it via IPA and PEC pad.

I’m wondering why the whole object printed normally, but only that hole is blocked. It supposed to have issues of the whole object affected by dusty optical path. :frowning:

This is my second Form 2, the previous one was having hardware problem. I do take care of the maintenance and issues are happing still. The Form 2 really makes my life frustrated. Spent a lot of money on it. So disappointed.

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