Help: Form 2 in San Francisco needed!

Hi Folks,

As you may have seen, I’ve been working on developing a dust/light cover for the Form 2 for some time now, together with an industrial sewing company here in San Francisco who will ultimately do the production once prototyping is complete.

Unfortunately the progress has been extremely slow because they have not had a Form 2 in-house to design directly off of (I don’t own one to bring them). We’ve had to make a prototype, bring it to a studio across town with a Form 2, try it, make corrections, repeat. We’ve gotten 90% of the way there this way, but to get it perfect and form fitting the sewing factory really needs one in their shop for the final design edits.

The cover has been especially complex because we are including a touch-sensitive clear vinyl over the touch screen panel, and the inset design of the panel has been really tricky to design for.

I’m looking for someone in SF who would be comfortable bringing their Form 2 over to the sewing company for this last push. The shop is located in Hunter Point, and it would be less than an hour of time needed once delivered. I’d gladly take you out for lunch while the work is being done and give you one of the covers in exchange for your help, if not some other accessories from my store. If you’re able to help please shoot an email to or message me here.



I would be happy to help!
i follow you on instagram and have seen how hard you (and the team?) have been working

I live out on the coast near Half Moon Bay and occasionally work in the city.

Id be happy to come out and help bring my Form 2.

Thanks Sebby! That’s very generous of you. Maybe we can time it with a day that you’re working in the city then?

You can email to chat further.


Hi folks- I’m still looking for help with this. Please contact me if you are able. Thanks!