Have 3 Form 2s Just got a Raise3D Pro2 Plus


Very impressed with the Raise 3D !

I work for a vinyl extrusion company so most of our prints are one shape straight up for X number of inches. The Raise3D we bought has a 24" print height capacity, that is basically why we decided on this particular machine and it good reviews on the Net.

Have only printed PLA so far but many filament options exist which we plan to experiment with. Our machine has dual extruders so we can print with filament of two different durometers to mimic some our dual durometer extruded shapes.

I always sort of held FFM printers in somewhat low regard relative to SLA machines but this printer has changed my mind. Measuring the “extrusion” printed on the Raise…well, accuracy is impressive. No cleaning, no curing, no worry of warping (well at least that I am aware of), less expensive materials, more material suppliers… The main drawback I see so far is the slowness. Did a comparison of a Preform file with a very full build platform and duplicated it in Idea Maker (the Raise equivalent to PreForm), the print time is roughly 3 times as long for the Raise vs the Form2.

Other than the time issue…I am no longer an SLA snob. The materials and build quality are more “real world” IMO than what we get with FormLabs. I wouldn’t give up our Form2s but nor would I want only the Form2 from now on. But, for our purposes I see the Raise use increasing as the Form2 use decreases.