Has anyone used a steam dewaxer on the castable material?

I am setting up a casting workshop in the basement and want to avoid a lot of wax burnout. I’d like to use a steam dewaxer, like this one Will this melt the Formlabs Castable material?

No, I’m afraid not. Castable Resin burns out, it doesn’t melt out.

In addition, the burnout furnace needs good ventilation for the process to work.

I am planning for a vent hood, but I have some larger castings that I would like to avoid smoking out the neighbors with. Do you have any insights on the exterior air odors when burning out the Castable material???

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I am planning for a vent hood,[/quote]

Good. Just keep in mind that the furnace itself needs adequete air intake. If it stays smokey in the furnace - it won’t burn out completely/cleanly.

The odor is quite foul. You may consider using activated carbon filter. They sell them at the grow shops.

Form 1+
Absolutely not. 100% error.
The resin is not a wax.
Apply Formlabs scheme firing. In my case, 98 percent. effective 2 percent. casting mistake. No need special casting mass.
Important - UF treatment until the blue color disappears.
I use a resin casting No.1 for two years. Is great.
Good luck.