Hard powder after print

Hello. The last few prints the cake has come out pretty hard. We did get a warning about the heater not working but only once. We are in Maine and the heat may have been low too.

We are also experiencing this issue and it’s proving very difficult (also dangerous) to excavate with the implements we are used to. Keen to know how your issues are resolved as we’ve already been through one cycle of repairs/diagnostics which haven’t fixed the issue.

The service people had to come. Replaced all our filters. They were clogged, which mage the unit overheat. They replaced a few other items like the quartz bulbs and glass tray in front. Our company is Grimburg and Rachel was the tech. Hopefully that helps whoever you contact.

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Hi Grimburg & LOCjon -

I’m a Formlabs product manager. Sorry about the issue you’re encountering. We’re seeing a small number of users running Preform v3.34 encountering similar hard cake problems.

If you’re still encountering the issue after the service visit, the fix that seems to work for many users is to roll your Preform version back to v3.33.3 by downloading it from here… customer_v2.

You should then choose the “default” (v4.0) Print Settings. You won’t get the print speedup that Preform v3.34 (v5.0 print settings) offers but at the same time you shouldn’t see the hard cake issue.