Harbor Freight IPA agitator

WE have one of these at work and decided to try it with IPA to rinse our prints.
5 min and all was good. Just slightly slimy and very little black wiped off onto a rag when we pulled them out.

It works like a lower power Loafinator. Introducing the Loafinator :)
But much much quieter.

We had one of those at my last job. Used it to get slag off of plasma cut parts. That thing was soooooooooo noisy haha.

They create a ton of vibration though. Aren’t you worried about potentially damaging your parts?

Not to be a wet blanket, but I would caution you. Be aware of the invisible flame.
Imported electrical components and IPA fumes.
Each time the unit is switched on or off, you have that little arc in the switch.


as they used to say on the Pink Panther cartoons


Ours is actually quite quiet. Probably mostly due to the vibration damping feet.
I expected it to be louder than it was.

I have to agree with @Badgerboy (Brian Herbst)-- I wouldn’t put 90%+ IPA in any electrical device.

Especially if my last name were “Sparks.” :slight_smile:

-JD Davison
The Lab Partners