Has anyone used a parts washer for cleaning their prints?

Something like this. With IPA of course.

Haven’t used anything like that - not sure I would want to, with IPA, to be honest, at least not without a VERY good extraction system… I enjoy a beer/glass of wine or two as much as the next person, but that’s the way I like to enjoy my alcohol, not getting blasted on fumes :smiley: !!

One thing I can recommend is a magnetic stirrer, like you will see in any chemistry lab - also mentioned on another thread. Here’s a short video of what the one a colleague of mine knocked up for me looks like (it’s only 5MB; VIMEO needs another 45 minutes before it gets converted, so have a little patience). For unattended fume free ‘active’ soaking (shortened bath time) it’s great.

Alternatively, I find (with non-delicate parts) it’s also very effective to clamp the top on tight and swirl/shake the IPA container… definitely preferable to getting high on fumes… and you get a few minutes of exercise multiple times a day into the bargain :wink: !

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