Happy owner today

The one thing I can say about my last 13 months as a FormLabs customer is that the staff has been very kind.
Today I have a printer that is making great prints and I am very happy with it. So I have went back and edited all of my posts from my times of distress. I am letting the past be the past. Please send me a personal message if you come across any post I have made that is not kind and I will reduce it to the facts. I don’t wish any unkind words to outlive their era.



I’m really happy to hear that. Developing an entirely new class of 3D printer has been a difficult task for us and our early adopters. There have been bumps along the road, but the patience and feedback of our loyal users has helped to build a better product.

We are thrilled with how well the Form 1+ has been received and see the explosion of amazing things our customers are doing. Please share some of your successes on the forum.