Had grease on the small square mirror but got it cleaned this way

In trying to wipe the small mirror on my Form1+ I got the pec-Pad a bit too far up in back and evidently picked up a bit of grease which got on the mirror. I first tried API but that wouldn’t dissolve the grease so I tried plain water. That worked for the most part but still left a light blue haze on the mirror. Tried API on that haze a few times but to no avail.

I contacted Tech Support and they were very helpful the price of a replacement mirror wasn’t bad but the cost to ship the unit back for them to fix it was out of budget. I was told that only detergent could get rid of the grease but that would destroy the surface coating on the mirror.

Well, seeing I might eventually have to replace the mirror I did the following. I mixed up a very weak solution of water and Dawn Dishwashing detergent. I wiped the mirror with this and then API a few times and I got rid of the grease with no damage to the mirror. Dawn Dishwashing detergent is one of the mildest on the market so that’s why I used it.

What is API, and how can water be a better grease solvent? I’m confused with this statement.

How did that work? Printing OK now?

Christopher, My error, IPA is what I meant. Isopropyl Alcohol will not dissolve grease. The water did to some extent but left a greasy film. The weak solution of Dawn Dishwashing Detergent did the trick. Only do this in extreme situations as a strong solution of detergent will most likely damage the mirror coating as that is what you are washing not the glass.

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