"Guess That Part" competition (closed)

I’m running a little competition. This is printing on my Form 2 right now, and the first person to guess what it’s for wins a free one, plus a “backorder” spot on my next batch of BabyForm2’s.

Sorry, no bananas for scale!

Entries close once it’s washed, cured and put together. You’ll need to be patient for the second half of your reward - it might be a few months until I get around to printing, assembling and shipping your BabyForm2. But in the meantime you get the mystery part and unrivaled bragging rights :dark_sunglasses:

Hints so far:

  • Nothing to do with bananas
  • Might be helpful to Form 2 owners

Banana Tree

LOL nope; great guess!

Banana peeler or slicer?

Nope. Keep trying!

Hint: It has nothing to do with bananas.

@rkagerer Are we supposed to guess what it is, like is it a model of something or is it a piece for something else?

Great question. You’re supposed to guess what it’s for. It’s novel, in the sense that I don’t think anyone has made a part to do this before.

Here’s another hint: It might be helpful to Form 2 owners.

A part to hang your build plate?

Nope but getting closer!

A tool to help get parts off of the build platform?

Nope cubo already did that.

A tool to help scrape resin off of the build platform?

A tool to help scrape the failed print residue that might be floating in the resin or at the bottom of the resin tank?

Nope. Nope. I’ll put up some more hints tomorrow. Keep the guesses rolling in.

Is it a stand to hold one resin tank above another to allow you to get the last bit of resin out?

Something to help with support removal?


Nope but that’s a really good idea, and you guys are getting warmer!

An attachment to the wiper in the resin tanks?

A stand to keep the printed piece on air while…resin is still dripping? curing? painting? bananoing? lol

That’s for the wiper, for sure!