"Guess That Part" competition (closed)

Great guesses you guys are getting so close!

Here’s a little teaser while you wait:

I won’t get a chance to wash / dry / cure until well after the print is done, so don’t worry you still have more than 4 hours to go. Answer will be posted later today.

A stand for the wiper?

Build Platform Holder?

Does it hold the build platform so that you can rinse the parts in IPA before removing them?

A stand to be able to clean the wiper?

A stand to hold a gopro or webcam to monitor/record/time lapse prints?

A stand to hold bananas?

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A drip stand for the wiper while you are cleaning a tray and straining material.

a stand that holds banannannannannnannnannannas?

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Similar to a few other guesses, it looks like a stand/mount to hold the wiper above the tank so it will drip resin back into the tank.

Either that or something to do with :banana::banana::banana: :joy::grin:

A stand to hold the wiper.

Why would you want to remove the wiper from the tank anyway?

I have this issue when I need to filter the resin after a failure. I end up taking the wiper out, trying to scrape as much resin off as I can, then setting it down on a paper towel. Inevitably I lose some resin on the paper towel.

It’s a stand to hang the wiper on and let it drip off.

It’s a general stand for the wiper so it can allow for it to drip the remaining resin off of it, hold all of your wipers, to be able to put it into the form wash, etc.

Its a resin tray lid holder from a form 2

Despite appearances this product is not safety rated for bananas.

The correct answer is here.

Congratulations! Looks like a few of you guessed right, now I need to go back and figure out who was first and won.

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@gdeaton you were bang on, but I think @David_Maillot or @vincentsiu8899 beat you to it with a “close enough” answer. Either of you want to concede to the other one?

Was fun, great job there I will download an print you stand!

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I must concede. I may have refined it, but I would say that @David_Maillot was first with the closest correct. answer.
Hats off to you and enjoy your prize!

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