Greenlaw and Sienna's Unboxing Video - 'Useful Clam'

The Form 1 arrived Thursday morning and my six year old and I recorded our official ‘unboxing video’:

No resin in the box so can’t test it yet. But soon…very soon. According to Fed Ex, we have two bottles of the stuff roaming around Los Angeles right now.

Tune in again next week for the print test video.


Here’s another link in case the first one doesn’t work for you:


That’s a fun video you shot there.  Very brave of you to entrust your 6 year old to open the box and play with the contents.

Can’t wait to see your first Espresso assuming the coffee beans arrive next week  :slight_smile:


That has to be one of the best unboxing videos I’ve ever seen.

Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it. Sienna and I had fun making it.

Can’t wait for Monday when (I think) we’ll get our resin. :slight_smile:


and the Oscar goes to…(sound of box opening)…Greelaw & Sienna.

That was REALLY cool guys, just the best.

I tell you what, waiting for my Form1 has just become a whole lot more fun!