Photo gone from old posts?

This morning I noticed that photos from old posts seem to be missing. I discovered this when trying to show a co-worker my daughter’s ‘pet shop’ print in this thread:

Later on, I looked at other older threads and found the images were broken there.

It’s nothing catastrophic I guess but I just wanted to bring this to the forum moderators’ attention just in case something can be done about it.

Thanks for listening!


Thanks, Dennis — yeah, it’s a problem that’s affecting a bunch of our images hosted at one of our old locations. We don’t believe any data has been lost and we’re looking into a solution. Thanks for keeping an eye out!

Hey there folks! Sorry about that - forum upgrade missed a tiny bit of config in the migration. Apologies all around, and should be all set now. :slight_smile:


Thanks Adam!

I really need to post a picture of the final painted toy Sienna made.


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