"Print Better" Topic

@Sam_Jacoby, @Jory, What happened to the “Print Better” topic I posted here yesterday?

That’s a really good question. I see it in my email alerts, but when I follow those links, the post isn’t listed. We had some downtime for a couple of hours this morning, due to some issues with our host. I’ll check to see if forum posts were affected. It seems unlikely, though I don’t have any other explanations.

Just a quick update — the downtime did result in some lost posts, @JoshK. We were forced to revert the forums back to an earlier database, and unfortunately, posts between approx. 4PM on September 3 and 1PM on September 4 were lost. We’re now taking hourly back-ups of the forums, so we won’t be so affected by hosting issues in the future. I’m sorry — that was an interesting post and you’re more than welcome (and encouraged) to repost it.

@Sam_Jacoby, Thanks. I put a lot of effort into that post, so could I ask you to please forward that email alert you mentioned to joshk03@yahoo.com? Or paste it to a private message. It would save me from starting over from scratch. I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks.

Sure thing. I’ve gone ahead and done so.

@Sam_Jacoby, Thank you Sam, I appreciate it. It is up again.