Good Tools for Cleaning Up Prints

I have found a few really nice tools that are helpful cleaning up prints. Feel free to add to this post with your finds.

Air Compressor: this is a small air compressor that I use for blowing off dust and with my airbrush. It is incredibly quite and inexpensive. $150, Rockler
Blow Gun: I like this one because it is simple but gives really good control so you don’t shoot dust into your eyes. $6, Home Depot
Wax Carving Kit: I love these little chisles for getting a edge into tight places to remove supports. They come sharp but you can make them sharper. $10, Amazon
Needle Files: I have a few different sizes of these files. These are the smallest. Again good for taking off support nubs and modifying prints to fit. $7, Amazon
Detail Sander: Great little sander for tight places. $6, Rockler

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