Found a nice electric micro sander

There are a couple sanders out there but I found one that doesn’t require the power pack and plugs directly into the wall from MicroMark:

Finding it incredibly useful for cleaning up tight areas and small parts. Nibs are plastic but you could even print your own and make your own shapes.

So far it is turning out to be a good time saver.


That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing, @KenCitron!

Also recommend getting some of this adhesive:
Take a sheet of whatever sandpaper you want to use, spread some of the adhesive on there and let it dry for a bit, it’ll be sticky and then you can just stick the sander attachment on there and cut it out of the sheet of sandpaper–that way you can replace the sandpaper for much cheaper than the replacement sheets

I’m looking at some really fine Velcro for the wands. They have Velcro back sandpaper and should allow easier swap out for different grits.

I’ll probably zip out the sheets with my laser cutter.
Finding the adhesive back ok but not as easy to change out and I wouldn’t mind having that little bit of cushion on the pad. So far the sander is saving me so much time.

Made a sanding nib for small details if anyone here has this printer.

mini sander edge detail nip.form (147.3 KB)