Micro Sander any good?

Found this used in the hobby industry and looks pretty good, Little on the pricey side but wonder if anyone has tried one?


I think it looks pretty useful. $75 is not that much if you will need to do any amount of micro sanding. Plus, it looks trivial to print up a special mandrel if you needed a weird shape to sand into an intricate location. I say indulge yourself. It’s almost never a waste to buy a tool. :slight_smile:

I have one of those, it’s really good for the parts that it can reach, makes sanding very quick. But–the sanding sheets don’t last long enough and you don’t want to have to buy more. What I do is have a regular sheet of sandpaper and I put this adhesive on the sandpaper (do a section at a time): https://www.amazon.com/3M-08051-Feathering-Disc-Adhesive/dp/B000PF1PFE/ref=pd_nav_hcs_bia_t_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=TDBSDSSE7CGC9EPB94Q6
After that, when you need to switch out for a new piece of sandpaper you just stick the thing on the adhesive and cut around it. The adhesive keeps it stuck onto the sander but makes it easy to remove. And it’s much cheaper and you can use any sandpaper. Just make sure not to leave the sandpaper with adhesive in a place where you might put something on top of it.

i like the idea of the adhesive. I was actually thinking of using double face tape. printing out your own shapes is also a great idea.

Thanks for the feedback.

yeah, you could print your own attachment, it comes with a few

I try another tool: a ultrasonic knife to remove support structures.

in a few weeks I will have one, and I will report on it.


That ultrasonic knife looks really cool. Wonder if it would work on vulcanized rubber molds. I used to do a lot of wood carvings but arthritis got the better of me. Let us know how it works.

For support removal, if the part is pretty large I us a jewelers saw and zip off the base. making it asier to snip off the ends. I don’t worry about part warping because i use the water based method for cleaning so i have less chipping because the supports are taken off while the part is fresh and print is still extremely flexible.

I solved it like this.

I also prefere to use sanding pads with a foam layer.

Works just fine.



I have it it works well. I made my own tips that were smaller. Check Amazon before MicroMark.

I just happen to use MicroMark once in. while. I found Amazon to be a hit or miss with thier mix bag of sellers. MicroMark tends to be a little higher on the prices.

If it’s through Amazon Prime then there’s no issue, but on there you have to make sure to buy the power adapter as well because it is not included with the sander. Might end up being the same price as on Micromark including the power adapter.

I saw that the power adapter is separate, looks like they have other tools that use it as well. The toothbrush looked like a simple way too.

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