Glue joint with plywood

3D printing is good for many bits of an R/C plane, but not a 450mm or longer spar. What suggestions does the group have for bonding a 3D printed rib to plywood? Something besides CA glue? Do I put small grooves in the 3D printed to hold extra ridges of glue? Thanks for your suggestions!

Epoxy glue?

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Epoxy would probably be best, you can use the liquid resin to attach resin pieces together, but that probably wouldn’t bond with plywood.

Use CA and an accelerator. I really like this stuff:

It cures in seconds, and makes CA more like an acrylic additive than a glue. I use about 2 bottles a month.

Have you considered a mechanical joint? if you print with the layers aligned correctly and use techniques similar to traditional wood joining methods I would expect it to hold quite well.